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  • Created in 2008, IDO is a charity registered under the French law of 1901 governing associations

  • IDO was created by Jean Chevallier, Philippe Lacour- Gayet, Jacques Delouvrier ,  ( all former executives at Schlumberger ) and a former consultant in the water sector, Michel Seguin

  • Operations are primarily in   Chad , with a base in  Moundou. IDO has also conducted operations in the Republic of Congo

  • Annual budget of ~ 400K Euros, with donations sourced from both private donors and public bodies

  • Institutional financing :   European Union, French Development Agency(AFD), UNICEF and the City of Paris

  • Private Funding : Caritas France Foundation, Didier and Martine Primat Foundation, Schlumberger

  • Partners: CELIAF, CERDI, BAOBAB and SOTCHAM in Chad; CARITAS Congo and Doctors of Africa in Congo

People and organizations who support IDO's work and contribute to its development become either full or associate members, depending on their level of involvement. IDO follows the best practices for the governance of NGOs, with a governing board of 3 to 7 members. The directors are elected by the General Assembly of full members that meets once a year.  IDO's financial accounts are certified by an external auditor

Accueil: Welcome

Board of Directors


Jean Chevallier


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Philippe Lacour-Gayet



Mark Corrigan


Dominique Pajot

Maude Massu_edited.jpg

Maude Massu


Jim Donovan


Michel Seguin

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