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Our activities started in 2010 with the  " Inventory-Diagnostic Repairs " project in the Oriental Logone region of southern Chad which was thenextended in 2012 to the Logone Occidental. This project made it possible to evaluate the general condition of water supplies to communities in these regions  and to assess the means required to achieve our aims.

To this day (March 2019)

  • 2022 Water access points have been  inventoried

  • 2090 diagnoses have been performed on 866 pumps  that were out of order

  • 1274   repairs have been completed on 550 pumps  

  • 696   Water Management Committees (COGPE) have been established.

  • In 2010, 60% of the water access points were found to be out of order. Today, for those communities that have a COGPE in place for over a year, 22% are out of order.

  • Beneficiaries: approximately 500,000 villagers


2015-2016 UNICEF

  • Funding: UNICEF

  • Emergency project to help cope with   the influx of refugees from the Central African Republic into southern Chad.

  • Ensure the sustainability of access to drinking water in 102 villages in the  Logone Occidental and Logone Oriental regions that are located near refugee camps.  

  • 72 water access points have been restored including creating the surrounding infrastructure to control access and support a hygienic environment

  • 30 pumps were replaced and supporting infrastructure created.

  • 102 Water Management Committees were set up in the associated villages and their 510 members trained in water point management, hygiene and sanitation procedures.

2017-2020 MGM420

  • Funding: AFD, the City of Paris, Schlumberger Foundation, IDO

  • Partners: CELIAF, CERDI

  • Establishment of 420 Water Management Committees  ( COGPEs ) supported by  12 new Animateurs

  • In addition to establishing the water management committees, the project involves capacity building in the use of funds generated by the village COGPE to contribute to the development of village income-generating activities and the financing of community projects.

  • Beneficiaries 180,000 villagers

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  • Funding :  IDO

  • Establishment of Water Management Committees  in 154 villages

  • 7 Animateurs deployed, covering 35 villages each

  • Sensitization of the populations to the risks related to polluted water and the critical importance of domestic and community hygiene

  • Establishment of a program to assess the degree of autonomy of COGPEs based on the collection of specific indicators

  • Beneficiaries 92, 000 villagers

2016 CITY of  PARIS

  • Funding: the City of  Paris

  • Replacement of 12 pumps out of use due to heavy corrosion

  • Establishment of Water Management Committees in the associated villages

  • Beneficiaries: 12 communities including 2 schools, 2 clinics; in total 15000 villagers

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  • Funding: European Union, IDO  

  • Partners:   Departmental Council of Kouilou (CDK) - Project Manager, Caritas Congo, Doctors of Africa

  • Objectives: To ensure the sustainability of access to drinking water in the Kouilou department.

  • Evaluation of the current condition of water access points installed in 2013

  • Diagnostics of 111 failed pumps (44% of the fleet), all requiring extensive restoration

  • Implementation of 188 COGPEs to manage water access points equipped with electric pumps powered by solar panels

  • 39 traditional water points and 40 springs

  • Training of 46 repairing technicians and the provision of technical support