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Your support is essential. You can contribute in many ways and every little gesture helps us  to fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can get involved and take the opportunity to help these under-privileged villages to progress.

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IDO requires your  generosity and your involvement to continue its action. All IDO members outside of Chad, as well as its Board of Directors are volunteers. This allows us to be extremely lean in overhead costs and ensures that your contribution will go directly to the operations in Chad and to the benefit of the village communities.  Our accounts are audited and certified by an external auditor. IDO is an NGO registered in France and can provide you with a certificate to receive a tax credit where applicable. You can send  your donation to:

Account: IDO 
Bank: Societe Generale Paris  
IBAN: FR76 3000 3032 9000 0372 6644 815 

For US and UK residents follow the links below

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At IDO, we believe that the best way to succeed in our initiatives is to get involved. It's a simple and effective way to contribute to the work we do 
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Dons: Service

IDO uses the Millennium Relief & Development Service, a Texas-based NGO that raises funds for other NGOs and is a 501 (c) (3) organization. To donate to IDO:


By check: (preferred method of payment)  

Please make a check payable to "MRDS ".  

specify clearly that the beneficiary is  " IDO.002"  

Send to:

Millennium Relief & Development Services 
5233 Bellaire Blvd., Ste. B-Box # 358 
Bellaire, TX   77401, USA 

By internet on the MRDS website :

Specify IDO-002 in the "Account Designation" box and then choose your method of payment. (Please note there will be fees)

By Electronic Transfer :   

Please send an email to with the following information:
• Donor's Full Name
• Donor's Address
• Amount Transferred
• Date of Transfer
• Gift Designation: IDO.002

For incoming wires
Acct. Name: Millennium Relief & Development Services, Inc.
Bank Name: Allegiance Bank Texas (
Acct. # 100 302 1902
ABA #: 113 02 5723
Beneficiary: Millennium Relief & Development Services, Inc.
Tel.: +1-281-894-3200


Dons: FAQ

For amounts above £250 , we can send a certificate to all donors that are Resident in the UK. All donations below this amount can be made as "all other donors" (see below)
IDO uses the Charities Aid Foundation in the United Kingdom to collect donations (> £250) from UK residents. UK donors making donations of over £250  must follow a specific process before making donations. The process may be a little tedious, but it has significant tax benefits for IDO and the donors.
For more information, refer to the documents   below : 
- Tax relief process for UK donors (Download) 
- Gift Aid Declaration Form (Download) 
- Gift Request Form ( Download)

Dons: FAQ
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